Mr. Martin Turcan sent again some of his very appreciated photographs of the Art Nouveau architecture of Eastern Europe.
This time he went to Transcarpathian Ucraine.
Enjoy the results of his trip!
(and have a look at the Czech section as well!)
Synagoge Uzhgorod with two of its ornaments in detail.
Mukachevo townhall
From Ivanna Honak I received the next pictures. I'm very glad of that!
She wrote:'My native city - L'viv is situated in Western Ukraine where influence
of Wien Secession in the turn of previous century was very strong. I
didn't find any photos of L'viv architecture in your site. If you
don't mind I'll be pleased to fill that blank space.'

Former Segal House, one of the pearls of L'viv secession architecture

L'viv Philharmonic Society

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